The PRIAS Laboratory of the Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología (National Center of High Technology -CeNAT-CONARE) is dedicated to the acquisition, processing, storage, analysis, representation and dissemination of information in the areas of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Geodesy and Computer Science that constitute the discipline of Geomatics.

PRIAS promotes scientific research through dissemination of geospatial data and academic exchange among universities and other specialized institutions at the international level; in addition, it facilitates the distribution of CARTA aerial photographs and satellite material, among other products and services related to Geomatics, to the public and private sectors.

This Laboratory teaches workshops on managing geospatial data and it is recognized for its experience of ten years in the development of Geomatics, and its capacity as a linkage center for the development of airborne missions with scientific agencies such as NASA, NOAA, NCSS, DLR and CSA-ASC.

It is comprised of a team of multidisciplinary work in fields such as, administration science, cartography, computer science, forest engineering, geography, mathematics, topography and cadastre, which allows interaction with different public and private sector institutions, both at the national and international levels, for the promotion of scientific research and transfer of knowledge.


We develop research and innovation in Geomatics, specifically in the areas of Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Data Infrastructure and Computer Science to generate products and services that optimize the work of organizations in the academic, government and business sectors.


To be a world-class laboratory specialized in the discipline of Geomatics.


  1. To position the image of the laboratory through the establishment of strategic alliances to allow services and scientific-technological exchange.
  2. To attract additional resources for the development of research and innovation at PRIAS Laboratory.