The  Centro  Nacional  de  Alta  Tecnología, CeNAT (National Center for High Technology) is a program established by the Consejo Nacional de Rectores, CONARE (National Council of Rectors), on March 2, 1999, at meeting 5-99, CONARE, pursuant to Agreement 1, which states:

FIRST: The unit called “Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología” (CeNAT) is hereby created, as an inter-university body specialized in the development of research and graduate studies in areas of high technology, and the development of projects of technological linking and innovation with the government and business sector.

CeNAT is a specialized body, which promotes -through high-technology- spaces for linkages between academia, government and the productive sectors of the country in different fields of high technology, for research, innovation and entrepreneurship. This way, it supports efforts conducted by public university centers, private and governmental projects in order to maximize development of national competencies in the areas of environmental management; materials science and engineering; biotechnology and advanced computing.

Over the years, CeNAT has developed vast experience in research, based on the work of its laboratories, namely, PRIAS Laboratory, National Nanotechnology Laboratory (LANOTEC); National Advanced Computing Collaboratory (CNCA) and CENIBiot Laboratory; in addition to the work of the Programs: Climate Observatory and Agricultural Informatics of the Environmental Management Area.

Thanks to the work carried out, CeNAT maintains relations with universities and international research centers, thus allowing knowledge exchange and opening spaces for strengthening the formation of the national scientific community.

Its creation reaffirms the commitment of the Consejo Nacional de Rectores, and the state institutions of higher education toward  strengthening  the  great  aspirations in the field of scientific and technological research in the country.

Main Objective

To conduct  research  activities  that  will  provide the country with the necessary, relevant and strategic technology for competitive development of the different sectors of society, in the economic, social and environmental   scopes,   through   innovation,   development,   training   and   services in science and technology.

Mission Statement

It  is   a  specialized   body,   which   promotes,  through  high-technology,  spaces for linkage, research, innovation   and   entrepreneurship   in Advanced Computing, Geomatics, Environment and Agricultural Informatics, Biotechnology, and Nanoscience.

Vision Statement

CeNAT is positioned as a leader   in   performance  of  research,  development and innovation activities in areas of high technology, in order to solve problems in our society.