In order to support students and to respond to the need of public universities to provide students with access to high-tech facilities, such as laboratories and specialized equipment that the Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología (CeNAT-CONARE) has, the CeNAT-CONARE scholarship fund was established to help them to realize their projects.

The Fund benefits advanced graduate or post-graduate students of the member universities of CONARE, for them to conduct research work that is properly registered in the academic units.

These jobs or research (thesis or graduation project) must relate to the scope of CeNAT: advanced computing, nanotechnology, biotechnology innovations, environmental management (climate change, food security, and others) and remote sensing and airborne images.

The scholarship provides access and use of the laboratories and equipment of CeNAT, support or advice by specialized staff of the Center and financial remuneration to contribute to the purchase of reagents, materials, food and transport, among other expenses.

This contest is open to advanced graduate or post-graduate students of the member universities of CONARE, who conduct research work that is duly registered at the respective academic units or their final work of graduation in the appropriate modality (thesis, graduation project), in the areas of:

1.    Advanced Computing and Information Technologies

2.    Nanotechnology

3.    Biotechnological Innovations

4.    Remote Sensors and Airborne Missions

5.    Environmental Management (Climate Change, Food Security, other)

The work or research should be developed substantially in the laboratories of CeNAT, using the resources that these laboratories possess.

The scholarship will support research and thesis in subjects of:

Modeling and Simulation

Pattern Recognition

Data Mining

Mechanical Learning

Parallel Computing



Nanotechnology Applications

Nanotechnology Applications in the Search for New Forms of Energy

Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)

Use of Remote Sensing for Disaster Prevention

Studies on Climate Variability and its Impact on Agriculture

Use of Remote Sensing for Watershed Development

Use of Aerospace Technologies for studies on Coverages, Soil Use and related

Project Management / Administration and/or Economic Studies, focused on the use of remote sensors

Treatment and Reuse of Waste and Agroindustry Waste Biocontrolers, Biopesticides and Biofertilizers

Synthesis of Biofuels from Plant Biomass

Production of Micro-Organisms for: Bioremediation and Decontamination of Wastewater, Fermentative Processes of Industrial Application, and Overall Bioprocesses

Plant Biotechnology: Cell Cultivation in Bioreactors

Use of Natural Resources (Micro-Organisms, Organisms, Metabolites, Bio-Molecules, among others) for Formulation of Products of Industrial Interest in Areas such as: Food, Nutrition, Cosmeceutical, Pharmaceutical, Environmental Management


Generation of Value-Added Products from Agro-industrial Waste

Support to Sustainable Development of Populations from Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Variability and Climate Change

Food Security, Agromatics and Slow Food

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